pitt&sherry acquire Rare Consulting

pitt&sherry has formalised the acquisition of Rare Consulting, a specialist consultancy providing strategic services in the areas of transport and the environment with a major focus on transport technologies, transport energy use and greenhouse gas strategy. The merging of the two businesses will be effective as of July 1, 2012.

pitt&sherry acquire Rare Consulting

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Similar to pitt&sherry’s sustainable thinking solutions, Rare Consulting, offer ‘uncommon thinking’ to design and deliver innovative transport, energy and carbon strategies and solutions for a wide range of private and public sector clients. Rare Consulting is comprised of a number of highly skilled people located in offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

In announcing this initiative, pitt&sherry’s Managing Director, Mr John Pitt, said that Rare Consulting shares the company’s vision of sustainable thinking as the key to overcoming the complex challenges of the contemporary world. In addition, Rare Consulting brings specialized skills, deep knowledge and commercial insight in transport economics, alternative fuels and vehicle technologies, and corporate and policy strategies around transport, energy and carbon to pitt&sherry.

“We will be consolidating the core services offered by both organisations, which include transport fleet management strategy, sustainable transport policy, alternative fuels advice, drive train research, energy strategy, corporate energy efficiency, energy compliance and reporting services, carbon response strategies, and adaptation and community resilience work, to present a truly national solution to the private and public sector markets,” Mr Pitt said.

“By merging this skill set and experience into our existing climate services team, we can offer even greater value to our public and private sector clients, and on a national level,” he added. After July 1, the expertise within the merged entities will be formidable. The new group will consist of a team of 16, all of who have outstanding credentials in their various disciplines. The unit will include Phil Harrington, Mark Johnston, Phil McCloud, Steve Edwards, and Sven Rand in Tasmania, Tony Marker and Hugh Sadler in Canberra, Bahador Tari and Hannah Meade in Melbourne, Mark McKenzie, Kait Gotham, Rebecca Williamson, Elizabeth Hill, and Geraldine Roffe in Sydney, and Mark Gjerek and Jordan Groeneveld in Brisbane. Phil Harrington and Mark McKenzie will jointly assume responsibility for the delivery of all client services by the new group.

“Together, the merged carbon and energy teams will develop and deliver practical and tailored solutions for public and private sector clients, based on deep knowledge and commercial insight. Our service offerings now include carbon, energy and transport strategies, policy design and delivery, business case assessment, auditing and reporting; economic and market analysis, life cycle assessment and many other services across key sectors including
transport, the built environment, energy markets, energy efficiency, renewable and distributed energy systems, climate change adaptation and impact analysis,” Mr Pitt said.

“The new carbon and energy team is backed by pitt&sherry’s engineering and technical strengths in transport, industrial and community infrastructure, and environmental, planning and mining services. This comprises over 200 staff in eight offices across Australia,” Mr Pitt said.

Managing Director of Rare Consulting, Mark McKenzie, shares John Pitt’s sentiments about the merger, saying that the new arrangement offers the opportunity for his group to expand their capability and competitive advantage, by consolidating with pitt&sherry’s climate services unit, and growing the reputation his company has established since 2005.

“This is a great opportunity for Rare Consulting and its clients. We did not choose pitt&sherry lightly. Before deciding, to proceed with this merger, we critically reviewed our strategic direction, our reputation, our capabilities, and our values. Through our dealings with John Pitt and his team, we found numerous synergies,” Mr McKenzie said.

“Most importantly, this merger arrangement provides an opportunity to deliver greater value to the combined clients of both organisations across
Australia by offering deep expertise in the areas of areas of climate change, carbon strategy, energy management and transport” he said.
pitt&sherry’s climate services team already has a remarkable track record including:

  • Helping to draft the Report of the Prime Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency, and also the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency;
  • Designing a cost effective strategy for the Australian Capital Territory to reach its legislated target of zero net carbon emissions by 2060;
  • Setting out the ‘Pathway to 2020’, a detailed roadmap for the energy and carbon performance of buildings sector to 2020;
  • Designing a 100% renewable energy solution for Flinders Island;
  • Undertaking the Lower George River Flood Risk Project as part of the Tasmanian Local Council Climate Change Case Studies

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