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Engineering excellence is our passion.

In a recent demonstration of effective collaboration, pitt&sherry won an Australian Engineering Excellence Award at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards, for the Kimberley Bridge Reconstruction.

TasRail CEO Damien White commented, “What has been achieved is remarkable”.

Kimberley Rail Bridge spans the Mersey River in Tasmania, as a critical part of TasRail’s rail network. Built in 1884, the heritage bridge was severely damaged during one of Tasmania’s worst flood events in June 2016. The restoration of the failed northern abutment, its adjacent bridge span, and 200m of adjoining rail embankment allowed a return to normal freight services 36 days after the flood event.  This enabled TasRail to resume normal operations and cease the expensive process of carting all their freight by road.

The open and clear collaboration between the designers, contractor and asset owner was key in ensuring that around-the-clock restoration work was expeditiously delivered, despite the challenging weather conditions that persisted during the works.

pitt&sherry possess advanced hydrologic, hydraulic and scour modelling capabilities that inform flood recovery and flood mitigation designs that came to the fore during the Kimberly Rail Bridge project.  Our expertise in this area extends to bridges, hydraulic infrastructure, flood levees, floodplain management, modelling, flood risk assessments, spillways, rail and road design.

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