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Amusement rides and automated systems project gallery

Luna Park Sydney – Spinning Coaster Design Verification

Sydney, Australia

Luna Park Sydney recently procured a new SC2000 Sinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne. pitt&sherry provided professional engineering services with regard to the design verification of the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components of the amusement ride, and provided supporting documentation to allow the final design verification of the ride by others.

In order to streamline this process as much as possible, pitt&sherry met with the designers and other verification engineers involved with the project to discuss the design and as well as the regulatory requirements for design verification in NSW.


Southern Star Observation Wheel – Independent Design Verification

Melbourne, Australia

pitt&sherry were commissioned to undertake Design Verification and Engineering Certification to help safely, rapidly and cost effectively return this iconic but troubled Melbourne development to service after faults were identified with the original design.

Our role included facilitating the process of lifting the Prohibition Notice placed by WorkSafe Victoria as well as filing an application for the Registration of Altered Plant Design that will be required to recommence the regular operation of the Southern Star Observation Wheel (SSOW).

Sufficient analysis by means of Finite Element Analysis and conventional computation was undertaken to be able to attest to the competence of the whole of the Main Part as built to AS3533 Part 1 1997 Class 3.

A statement was provided detailing the extent of the work of analysis as undertaken and an opinion as to the compliance of the structure designed (as built) to the Code and good engineering Practices, including an overview of the results of fatigue analysis considering that the Specified Fatigue Life of the structure is to reach or exceed 47 years.


A380 Docking System Mechanical Support & Control Design


pitt&sherry designed the mechanical and electrical elements of a docking system for the new A380 Airbus for Singapore Airlines.

The primary contractor was experienced in providing roof-mounted docking stations but needed expert assistance in providing a floor-mounted elevation and travelling system that could lift the 50 m long, three-level structure up over the wing, and position it within 50 mm of the plane skin.

The system had dual requirements in that it had to be safe, as well as have a high reliability level due to the cost penalties of having a plane trapped in by the dock if a failure occurred. Therefore many levels of redundancy were incorporated into the system.

Full absolute position control of all movements are incorporated into the system to allow steering and precise articulation of the platforms.


Luna Park Sydney – Big Drop

Sydney, Australia

Luna Park Sydney recently purchased and installed a vertical style drop amusement ride from the USA known as the ‘Super Shot’.

Luna Park requested pitt&sherry provide professional engineering services to undertake the required design verification of the mechanical and electrical components of the amusement ride and as well as the first inspection of the electrical system.

The work was undertaken in three distinct phases:

  • Provision of a report on the mechanical and electrical components of the ride in regards to the compliance or non-compliance with AS3533.1 and the associated standards therein.
  • Review the design modifications by the manufacturer in response to the non-compliances of the mechanical and electrical elements with AS3533.1 as described in the report.
  • Site inspection of the ride once fully assembled and functional for assessment of compliance of the electrical installation and control system of the ride to AS3533.1 and its associated standards particularly including AS3002. and provision of an inspection report detailing the findings of the inspection.


Katoomba Scenic Railway – Design Verification

New South Wales, Australia

Scenic World Katoomba undertook the replacement of the entire Scenic Railway attraction at Scenic World. The original Scenic Railway was built in the 1930’s with a 52 degree incline and has undergone several upgrades during the intervening years. The replacement railway was manufactured by Garaventa AG, Switzerland, a world leader in the manufacture of cableways, cable cars and funicular railways.

pitt&sherry were engaged to undertake design verification in accordance with New South Wales Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011. pitt&sherry undertook verification of the mechanical, electrical and structural adequacy of the following element, with respect to appropriate standards:

  • Tracks and footings
  • Rope loadings
  • Line sheaves
  • Deflection sheaves
  • Dual rope sheave support structure
  • Operational safety requirements
  • Electrical safety requirements
  • Operators controls
  • Winch drum
  • Brakes
  • 4 car passenger train

In addition to certifying the railway system, pitt&sherry also had to verify elements of the civil and infrastructure works including the top and bottom stations, as well as the track footings.


Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony

Sydney, Australia

While Christine Anu was singing her song My Island Home during the Sydney Olympic Closing Ceremony, performing with dancers atop the geodome stage in the middle of the stadium, pitt&sherry’s David Hackney was underneath the platform making sure it operated in harmony with the well-rehearsed choreography taking place on the world’s biggest stage.

pitt&sherry are proud to have been part of this iconic event. The ‘Geode’ (as it is now well known) was designed by us using an existing amusement ride as a base. We undertook the design work necessary to convert the ride to a worthy centre stage, including all structural, mechanical, electrical and controls design.

For the performance, The Geode started simply as a rotating platform but then rose some 15 meters from the ground while folding and forming a tensided geodesic ‘globe’, which was then used as a three-dimensional projection screen for various Australian themed images.

Given the tight timeframes for implementation of the Geode – we could only access the site from midnight before the show, once the final race had been run (the traditional marathon) and the stadium ‘packed up’ – initial commissioning had to occur off site at a disused airfield.

We then had 12 hours from 2am on the day of the closing ceremony to manage the install at Olympic Stadium, do final checks, and make sure it ran to plan. And with millions watching the pressure was on.


Hardrock Climbing – Suspension Bridge

Melbourne, Australia

pitt&sherry provided professional engineering services relating to the design of a Rope Bridge for the City Rock Climbing centre at 501 Swanston Street, Melbourne. The centre includes an isolated tower style of climbing wall. The concept of a rope bridge came about as a desire to have a means to access the top of this wall from a stairway vestibule associated with the building, and that this access have a degree of “thrill” in its use by climbers.

pitt&sherry’s scope of work included provision of a preliminary concept design for the bridge element between the vestibule and the tower, leading to full design of the bridge elements and associated platforms and belay system to the degree suitable to specify the works for tender. We also assisted with construction oversight and administration, commissioning and testing of the as installed bridge.


Radrock – Permanent Climbing Wall – Anaconda


Radrock Pty Ltd manufacture, supply and install climbing walls and equipment for Gymnasia throughout Australia. The climbing walls and belay equipment are generally designed and manufactured by Extreme Engineering Inc. of the USA. pitt&sherry were engaged to review the climbing wall designs of Extreme Engineering for compliance to AS3533 part 1 and relevant reference Codes, to provide advice as to the compliance of the designs to the Standards, and to provide advice as to the need for Design Registration and Unit Registration for these systems for various States in Australia.


Skywalk – Centrepoint Tower Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Skywalk is an extreme tourism experience which involves a set of walkways with continuous fall restraint systems or handrails circling Centrepoint Tower in Sydney. It enables patrons to walk around the top of Centrepoint Tower in safety. Part of the attraction is a large glass platform designed and commissioned by pitt&sherry which raises and lowers users between the different levels of walkways.

The platform is lifted on four independent servo controlled cylinders which must be kept level to tight tolerances at all times. It also incorporates a high level safety system for the various gates, safety rail breaks and interlocking with the building maintenance unit which travels under the platform.

The system is driven by operators from a control panel and SCADA screen which monitors the health and status of all elements of the system.


Tree Top Canopy Cable Run

Tasmania, Australia

Hollybank Treetops Adventure offers a unique and exhilarating multi-stage, zip-line adventure into the spectacular tree canopy in Northern Tasmania. pitt&sherry provided third party independent verification of the landing platforms and cableway, in order to ensure the design and documentation met the requirements of Workplace Standards Tasmania and the approval processes.

In the absence of any Australian Standard(s) which are particular to Flying Foxes, pitt&sherry researched applicable design references and standards that should be applied to the verification process, and successfully argued that while the design of this facility would need to comply with Australian Standard AS3533 Part 1 1997 Amusement Rides and Devices Design and Construction, gaps in this standard could be filled with both the following international publications

  • Challenge Course Standards Edition 6, by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, and
  • Ropes for Challenge Courses. Installation Operation and Training Standards, Version 9, by Professional Ropes Association.


MLC Centre Fa├žade Mast Platforms

Sydney, Australia

Freyssinet Australia undertook a facade repair of the MLC Centre located in the central business district of Sydney. As part of this project several pieces of equipment were required to access the facade of the building. pitt&sherry were engaged by Freyssinet to undertake the design verification as required under the NSW Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 2010 and Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

The access system consisted of two identical mast climbing work platforms which combined covered half of the building area. Each platform was supported by five masts arranged at the ends and in the centre of the platform. Each 5 masts was configured with two independently controlled work platforms. Access was gained to the platforms via two builders hoists. The masts are supported by a cantilevered platform attached some 10m above the ground at the base of the building.

As part of the review pitt&sherry undertook;

  • verification of the mechanical and structural adequacy of the system for compliance with the applicable Standards
  • verification of the sufficiency of electrical control systems to ensure compliance of functional safety to the applicable Standards
  • verification of the documentation for compliance with Standards pitt&sherry identified a number of deficiencies with the internationally designed structure, which were addressed and corrected in partnership with the client.


His Majesty’s Theatre – Platform Hoist Design Verification

Perth, Australia

pitt&sherry were commissioned to undertake Design Verification for an upgrade to the stage platforms at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, WA, on behalf of JANDS, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of staging equipment.

The upgrade included installation of a motorised stage platform to enable scenic elements and musical instruments such as pianos to be moved easily from stage level to sub stage level for storage. In this case vertical movement of some 1.8m was required.


Eureka Tower – Edge Engineering Services

Melbourne, Australia

The Edge is a glass cube that protrudes three metres out of the building fascia of the 88th floor of Eureka Tower, almost 300m above the ground.

We were in charge of the structural, mechanical and electrical design of this attraction.

The 6 m long passenger capsule is housed on rails and driven in and out via a closed loop precision ball-screw drive allowing it to be moved in coordination with an audio show, and retracted to precisely compress seals on the front face to ensure the building pressurisation is maintained.

Very high reliability and safety concerns were a major component of the design including cross checking PLCs, safety door interlocking, and distribution for the dimmer controlled LCD iGlass which changes from opaque to clear in sequence with the audio show.

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