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Bridge Inspection & Management Capability statement

pitt&sherry has extensive experience inspecting and managing bridge structures for a wide range of rail and road bridge owners.

Our thorough processes provide assurance to our clients that:

  • Their bridge assets remain safe
  • The bridge network always meet operational needs
  • Strategic maintenance and replacement work is programmed
  • Routine maintenance works are being effectively implemented


pitt&sherry is active in the inspection and management of bridges for a wide range of transport infrastructure managers.

  • Our range of services include:
  • Detailed engineering inspections
  • Level 2 bridge inspections
  • Bridge asset management

Detailed engineering inspections

Detailed engineering inspections are carried out with the purpose of assessing the capacity of a structure, identifying and quantifying the current and projected deterioration of the structure, and to recommend appropriate management options.

We have developed a systematic approach to the investigations which includes:

  • Scoping the investigation with the client to ensure the investigation provides the appropriate outcome.
  • Undertaking a detailed visual inspection of the structure
  • Appropriate diagnostic testing including:
    – Covermeter surveys
    – Delamination surveys
    – Concrete resistivity
    – Half cell potential
    – Schmidt hammer
    – Carbonation testing
    – Magnetic particle testing
    – Die penetrant testing
    – Lead paint assessment
  • Undertaking laboratory testing on specimens including:
    – Cement content
    – Chloride concentration
    – Compressive strength
  • Load assessment in the as-new and as-is condition for
  • prescribed vehicles
  • Provision of a comprehensive written report including future management recommendations.

Level 2 inspections

Level 2 inspections are comprehensive visual inspections. Depending on the risk profile of the structure, inspections are carried out on a frequency of between 6 months and two years, and up to 6 years for small culverts.

The purpose of this level of inspection is to rate the condition of a structure as a basis for assessing the effectiveness of past treatments, identifying current maintenance needs, modelling and forecasting future changes in condition and estimating future budget requirements.

Bridge asset management

Through the development and implementation of its own bridge management system, BridgeAsyst®, pitt&sherry has developed a comprehensive capability to provide the following bridge management services:

  • Bridge asset management plans
  • Benchmarking the performance of bridges across the network against defined service levels
  • Risk assessment of critical condition and capacity related issues
  • Determining remaining life of bridge components
  • Estimating costs for replacement of bridge stock
  • Identifying urgent work that may be required
  • Recommending corrective maintenance work

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