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Burra Foods

“Our business is taking milk from the farm and turning it into value add bulk products, whether that’s powders including Nutritionals, concentrates or cream blends. Eighty percent of what we produce is exported. We process 350 million litres of milk a year and on peak days, around 1.5 million litres per day

Burra Foods is in the throes of building a $3m office complex, which will become an operations hub for the business next to our processing facility in Gippsland. I’m the superintendent for that build and pitt&sherry are my advisor. We brought them in after the project had started as we needed someone to advise us on working with the builder.

We choose pitt&sherry as they understand the dairy industry and have relevant building experience. It’s the understanding of dairy and how it works from a site perspective that really makes a difference. pitt&sherry understood all the complexities of the project and their guidance on building in a manufacturing environment has been invaluable.

I’ve found them very professional in the way they go about their business. They are not just here to make money today, they are here for the long term and recognise that having a good relationship is important. They are also very flexible in how we work together and gave very good indicative pricing up front, which they’ve stuck to. If I was starting again tomorrow, I would get pitt&sherry involved right from the outset as advisors.”  – Geoff Horstman, Project Manager, Burra Foods.

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