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Cape Barren Island Remote Area Power Supply

Cape Barren Island, Australia

Prior to this project, electrical power on Cape Barren Island was generated by installed diesel-generation capacity using fifteen separate generating sets with an installed capacity of 160 kVA. Owing to the high operating and maintenance costs associated with diesel power generation, electrical supply was limited to 62 hours per week as generation over and above that had proved unaffordable.

pitt&sherry was appointed to review options for improving and upgrading the existing system and, in particular, to examine the potential of introducing wind-powered generation equipment on the site.

Our investigations confirmed that Cape Barren Island was a good site for wind power generation and that there were a number of commercially proven, low-maintenance wind generators that would be suitable. Our report recommended the use of a wind/diesel hybrid configuration that was coupled to an HV distribution grid.

pitt&sherry was subsequently appointed to project manage the introduction of this power supply scheme, with the wind-powered generation equipment and associated control systems being performance specified by pitt&sherry. We also undertook civil engineering design of various project elements and managed the project implementation process. The project drastically reduced diesel consumption and enabled 24-hour power to be introduced to the community.

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