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Mickleham Road Duplication Barrymore Road to Somerton Road

Melbourne, Australia

The Mickleham Road project involved the design of approximately 2.2 km of duplication of the existing two-lane road between Barrymore Road and Somerton Road, as well as the total reconstruction of the existing lanes. The design included allowance for the later addition of an extra lane in each direction.

The Mickleham Road duplication was used as a pilot project to measure the carbon footprint of road construction, and identify ways to potentially reduce and offset the carbon emissions from the roadworks. The duplication at Greenvale has been declared a carbon-neutral road construction project.

pitt&sherry was responsible for development of the design for Mickleham Road from the concept design stage for a six-lane dual-carriageway road through to the detailed design. The design incorporated water-sensitive urban design features that reduced the concentrations of pollutants entering the receiving outfall. The use of a combination of swales and bioretention met the objectives of Melbourne Water and VicRoads.

The benefits of this project were planned bus priority works and general road improvements that included:

  • Building shared bus/bicycle lanes on both sides of Mickleham Road.
  • Installing bus priority traffic lights to minimise delays to buses.
  • Installing new traffic signals at the Broadmeadows Road deviation roundabout to improve safety and regulate traffic flow.
  • Closing the median opening on Mickleham Road, between International Drive / Gladstone Park Drive and Western Avenue / Rylandes Drive, to meet current safety standards and reduce the risk of crashes.
  • Extending right turn lanes at major intersections to accommodate more vehicles.
  • Extending the third traffic lane on Mickleham Road north of Western Avenue to reduce congestion at this intersection.
  • Installing a double right-turn lane on Mickleham Road at Gladstone Park Drive to accommodate more vehicles.


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