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Western Roads Upgrade Geotechnical Services Melbourne, Victoria

Project Name: Western Road Upgrade

Country: Australia

Project Location: Melbourne Victoria

Name of the Client: WHBO Contractors

Start Date: January 2018, Ongoing

Approximate Value: $1.2million

Key Personnel:

  • Nicky Pollington – Project Director
  • Austen Easterbrook – Technical Assurance
  • Matt Rutter – Project Manager
  • Dejin Hu – Design Manager

Nettflow is delivering the Western Roads Upgrade (WRU) project on behalf of the Victorian State Government.  pitt& sherry has been appointed by WBHO Infrastructure Pty Ltd (WBHO) for all phases of the project including the competitive tender phase, detailed design and documentation phase, and the construction phase.

The scope of services undertaken by the geotechnical team , as an integrated discipline within the civil project design teams include:

  • Tender Design for all bridges, culverts and pavements.
  • Planning and supervision of site investigations, factual reporting for site investigations for detailed design;
  • Geotechnical interpretation and provision of design parameters for substructure design.
  • Coordination with bridge designers to achieve convergence between structural and geotechnical models using iterative process;
  • Bridge foundation analysis to AS5100.3 using RS Pile, ALP and PLAXIS,
  • Retaining wall design for bridge abutments to AS5100.3
  • Reinforced Embankment Design to AS5100.3.
  • Foundation assessment/design for culverts and off structure barriers; recommendations for ground improvement;
    Pile Analysis – RSPile (rocscience 2018 package)
  • Embankment stability and settlement assessment using Slide/SLOPE/W and SETTLE 3D;
  • Preparing concise geotechnical design reports for eight (8) no. sub projects including all documentation of design assumptions inputs , outputs, and risks suitable for use by civil design teams and construction teams;
  • Inputs into bridge foundation design drawings to ensure foundations documentation meets geotechnical design intent;
  • Impact assessments for existing structures including heritage listed underground assets using PLAXIS 2D to meet tight performance requirements;
  • Temporary Works design for piling platforms to BRE470 and local regulations using inhouse flood modelling data provided by pitt&sherry environmental team.
  • Pile Inspection & Supervision including rock socket assessment onsite vs design as well as Construction certification of bridge piles to VIC Roads Standards.

Bridge foundation including cast-in place piles socketed into rock material has been designed by pitt&sherry including;

  • Developing ground cross-sections and a series of ground model tables for each pier/abutment
  • Rock parameters including mass UCS and modulus of elasticity exctrated using Hoek-Brown methodology by adopting GSI, and using UCS and point load tests values from available borehole data.
  • Modulus of subgrade provided conidering pile group effects and rock mass elastic modulus for different pile diamateres (Poulos (2012)).
  • P-Y curves has been developed for lateral pile reaction for hard rock and soft rock material which been utilised in RSPile software for lateral pile assessment.
  • The method of Rowe and Armitage (1984) which described in more detail in Pells (1999) and Pells et al. (1998), has been used for the pile socket length design and calculation of pile settlement for the case of SLS compression loads.

Numerical Modelling Software which has been utilised in WRU Project:

  • Rockscience Package (Slide, RSpIle, RS2, RS3, Settle 3D, etc.)
  • Geostudio Package
  • Wallap
  • MSE Wall – Geo 5 Package
  • Group v2016 – Ensoft Package
  • Inhouse Excel based design sheet (temporary platform BRE470, bearing capacity assessment, & settlmenet analysis).


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