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Water and Wastewater

Experience gained from in-depth and holistic wastewater treatment solutions, design and development.

Water is one of the essential elements to sustaining life on the planet. Careful management of this finite resource is of paramount importance. This includes water-centric management actions, demand and availability assessment as well as selection of appropriate processes used to render the naturally occurring water useful for human consumption while still leaving adequate quantities to satisfy the needs of nature.

Careful management of water includes reuse and recycling, risk evaluation, efficiency improvement and the water-waste-energy nexus, such as better efficiency could lead to reduced energy costs associated with pumping and heating requirements.

Our team consists of highly experienced water and wastewater engineering specialists who assist clients with optimisation, risk assessment, design solutions and ongoing support for wastewater/water treatment issues for mines, waste facilities, water authorities, industrial and manufacturing businesses. Backed up by our strong credentials in solid waste management, we also have the expertise to solve problems related to leachate and groundwater management.

Our experience and expertise include works related to desalination plants, dam construction and environmental management, pipelines for water conveyancing, water quality reviews and in-field sampling and testing, water and wastewater treatment plant design and evaluations and asset management, to name a few.

Our team members have considerable experience with various water utilities all over Australia and can impart their wisdom and insights while developing and implementing a methodology to meet client requirements, or better still, advise the client on further improvements.

We have experts (and generalists) on board who can develop detailed environmental / water management systems as per established guidelines and standards such as ISO 14001:2015. Our auditors can undertake due diligence audits, conformance / systems audits against the integrated systems and compliance audits against regulatory requirements.

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