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  • Deflectograph

    A non-invasive way to assess road pavement strength


Non-invasive & non-destructive

Testing reduces the need for expensive subsurface pavement investigations as it provides an almost continuous indication of pavement strength along a road.

Targeting & variable

Enabling subsurface investigations to be undertaken at targeted locations based on the variance of pavement strength.


We bring together an experienced team that are able to operate the deflectograph for condition assessments and rehabilitation designs. Analysing the collected data to give you results that are tailored to your needs.

More Data

Providing considerably more data when compared with other pavement deflection measuring techniques for a given length of road, enabling more accurate estimates of residual pavement life and informed decisions regarding pavement rehabilitation treatments.


A highly effective tool that ensures pavement rehabilitation funding is targeted at appropriate areas of a road network. The benefits of a deflectograph survey can be realised in a single project, or within a year-long maintenance program.


pitt&sherry's deflectograph was used to test approximately 170 lane kilometres of the Midland Highway in Tasmania as part of the Department of State Growth’s Midland Highway Upgrade program. The Midland Highway is the primary road link between the south and north of Tasmania and the Midland Highway Upgrade Program aims to improve safety along the full length of the Highway over a 10 year period. The deflectograph testing undertaken using pitt&sherry’s deflectograph was used to optimise rehabilitation of the existing Highway pavement in conjunction with the installation of safety initiatives.

Hobart City Council engaged pitt&sherry to undertake approximately 23 lane kilometres of deflectograph testing on a number of roads within the municipality. The roads tested varied from local streets to major arterial roads through the central business district. Following completion of the deflectograph testing pitt&sherry analysed the results to establish sections of characteristic deflection and curvature for each road. Informed by traffic data for each road pitt&sherry then developed proposed remediation treatments to enable Council to plan the implementation of the remediation works.  


pitt&sherry has extensive experience in deflectograph testing and the subsequent analysis of deflection data to inform pavement condition assessments, the scoping of subsurface pavement investigations and the optimisation of pavement rehabilitation treatments.

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