Specialist services, all over
the country

  • Project services

    Complete alignment to client outcomes in every phase of the project lifecycle allows us to deliver technically robust outcomes every time.

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  • Planning and approvals

    From project inception to fruition, clients are confident of outcomes every step of the way.

  • Design

    We work collaboratively with clients to gain a deep understanding of needs and develop answers which are innovative, compliant and optimised to achieve outcomes.

  • Construction services

    Multi-specialist construction phase engineers with expertise in temporary works design, third-party design reviews and assessment of existing infrastructure.

  • Compliance

    Providing expert solutions to ensure compliance with regulations, standards and operating management plans across transport infrastructure, industrial and mining facilities and commercial buildings.

  • Asset management and renewal

    Bringing clarity to clients by combining the skills of asset specialists with information and technology to deliver asset management advice and user-friendly expert systems.