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proven experience
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  • Sectors

    Across industry sectors, our multi-specialists bring practical engineering and environment experience. We offer industry specific expertise and thought-leading insight to public and private sector clients.

Choose a Sector

  • Building design

    By combining scientific, engineering, design and business planning disciplines, our clients gain specialised services for the improvement of industrial, manufacturing and processing activities.

  • Industrial

    Our engineers come from the industrial and manufacturing sector. We bring first-hand knowledge and experience to deliver reliable operational performance.

  • Mining

    Creating client value through deep expertise in underground and open pit mine design, our industry respected specialist geotechnical engineers strive to further optimise through the value chain.

  • Infrastructure

    We assist clients in creating and caring for assets. With our infrastructure planning, development and operational management expertise, clients are confident that assets will meet service needs.

  • Amusement rides and moving plant

    Clients depend on us for business continuity. With proven expertise in the design, safety and functionality of amusement rides and moving plant equipment, our clients trust us to make things work.

  • Environment

    Providing clients with specialist environmental and sustainability expertise across the full business life cycle