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Climate susceptibility, analysis & communication tool

All infrastructure is affected by climate. ClimateAsyst® is a decision support tool that assists owners, managers and planners assess the susceptibility of their infrastructure to projected changes in climate.

ClimateAsyst® is a climate change decision support tool providing resources to assist infrastructure owners, managers and planners to help determine the effect that projected changes in climate will have on services and infrastructure assets.

Engineers have always used historical calculation of environmental risk to govern design features. With global warming, the earth’s climate is experiencing unprecedented changes, exposing infrastructure and assets to unexpected environmental effects that impact their performance, durability and value. Design of new assets and infrastructure will also need to understand how to manage the risk posed by the unprecedented weather patterns brought about by climate change.

Wind velocity affects the serviceability of structures such as buildings, bridges, transmission towers and wires and generates waves that affect coastal structures. Temperature affects the expansion and contraction of component materials, the environmental conditions of pest habitats such as termites, evaporation rates, melting points and power demand. Rainfall affects water and power supplies, flood protection and drainage infrastructure. Soil moisture affects the serviceability of foundations and slope stability. Sea-level rise will affect coastal infrastructure and increased extreme events such as lightning, hail and snow will affect the serviceability of many types of infrastructure.

ClimateAsyst® is a visualisation tool linking the climate projection model data with supporting documentation to assist infrastructure owners identify climate factors important in planning and design of future assets and importantly identify where future changes to climate will increase the vulnerability of existing assets and services. Developed in partnership with the Antarctica Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre the tool incorporates high resolution climate projections on a 15 km scale grid in Tasmania but is flexible to accommodate a range of model outputs Australia wide.

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