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Combining robust bridge engineering capability with localised advice and experience to optimise performance throughout the life of bridge asset infrastructure.

Bridge design

We develop design solutions for all road and rail related structures from investigation and concept design through to tender design and detailed design.

Proof engineering

When a bridge is designed, asset owners may also call for proof engineering and design verification. We hold the required asset owner pre-qualifications to perform those works.

Bridge inspection

Once built, bridges need an ongoing program of inspection and routine maintenance. pitt&sherry have a range of skilled bridge inspection engineers capable of undertaking Level 2 & Level 3 engineering inspections.

Load testing

Should our inspectors identify an issue with a bridge we are able to undertake load assessment using a range of methodologies including physical load testing. We use a range of in-house instrumentation, including data logging equipment, strain gauges, LVDTs, geophone and seismic recorders.

Bridge rehabilitation

Where a bridge is found to be in poor condition or it has a less than desirable load capacity we can provide contemporary strengthening solutions.

Bridge management

For road and rail authorities, bridges and culverts represent a significant proportion of the asset base. It is important to have complete, well thought out asset management plans. We provide asset management plans to a range of international standards including the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) for a network-wide plan, and also develop plans for individual high-risk assets.


We have prepared plans for State Road Authorities and Major Councils throughout Australia. We are on TMR’s panel for Structure Management Plans.

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