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Bridge Engineering

A holistic approach to bridge engineering.  

Bridges play an important role in connecting people, goods and transport systems. pitt&sherry works with a range of infrastructure owners and contractors, focusing on four key areas of bridge engineering: 


We offer a range of services including design, verification and proof engineering across a variety of structures including short and long bridges, culverts, retaining walls, sign structure, traffic barriers, temporary works, and other road and rail related structures.  

Bridge inspections

pitt&sherry provides bridge management services that include undertaking regular Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 inspections. 

Governments and road and rail authorities across Australia require regular Level 1 and Level 2 bridge inspections to be conducted largely in accordance with each state’s bridge inspection methodology.

The assessment data collected can be used to assign routine maintenance works, carry out annual bridge revaluations, determine budgets for annual capital works in order to mitigate risk and maintain asset condition and serviceability.

Bridge rehabilitation and assessment

We provide the following assessment and bridge rehabilitation services: 

  • Load limit advice
  • Concept designs for strengthening work
  • Detailed design and documentation of preferred solutions
  • Preparation of tender documentation and specifications
  • Cost estimates

Bridge management systems

pitt&sherry has developed BridgeAsyst®, a bridge management system that allows inspectors to work easily in the field with hand held dataloggers. It provides a practical series of reporting tools to communicate information on bridge condition, maintenance priorities and budgets.


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