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Energy Efficiency

A complete service to analyse and improve building, plant and process energy efficiency.

For most businesses energy consumption over the life of plant and equipment is one of the primary contributors to both costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our aim is to provide an energy efficiency service dedicated to finding the most cost-effective means of reducing energy expenditure and greenhouse gas emissions.

pitt&sherry draw on a large multiskilled team to bring creativity and innovation to the task of reducing energy consumption – underpinned by extensive experience in design, safety and functionality of a variety of installations – with the aim to make your business more efficient, compliant and, importantly, competitive.

pitt&sherry’s energy efficiency service begins with our specialists in energy consumption and energy cycles who utilise our in-house specialists in equipment and industrial processes in your area.

The combination of expertise allows us to seek solutions that give:

  • The right fit to keep processes running in the way it was intended
  • A comprehensive outline of available low cost energy reducing operational changes
  • A comprehensive review of more complex operational and capital changes with selection for a high return on investment
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) for proposed investments
  • A full GHG assessment for the installation, plant or processes

pitt&sherry’s broad range of services including:

  • Energy audits to AS3598
  • GHG and efficiency audits for VIC EPA
  • GHG and efficiency audits for NSW Energy Savings Action Program
  • Energy and GHG cost rationalisation for purchases
  • LCA assessment for purchases
  • Materials and energy balances
  • Investigating clean production & eco-efficiency options
  • Thermographic analysis of heat and cooling losses

pitt&sherry are able to complement specific energy efficiency services with implementation management, staff training and consultation, ongoing monitoring and assessment of changes.

pitt&sherry’s energy efficiency services are applicable to a wide range of areas including:

  • All industrial processes
  • All industry sectors
  • Building survey and building design
  • Materials selection
  • Plant selection
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Operational efficiency
  • Infrastructure planning & design
  • Civil, light and heavy industry

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