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The energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation.

There are new trends shaping the industry every day. Hydro power, renewable, wind, huge batteries, and the list goes on. The global demand for primary energy has risen 50% since 1990. The world needs more energy and we are acutely aware of this.

For energy users

Whether upgrading your existing building facilities, looking to optimise your plant production or considering renewable energy sources, pitt&sherry can provide you with energy solution development, integrated sustainable design advice, engineering and experience in obtaining regulatory approvals.

Our services include:

Energy Productivity – identifying opportunities for maximising business output from energy input.

Energy Management – reducing existing energy use whilst maintaining business operations.

Energy Resourcing – managing the mix of energy resources including solar, wind, bio-energy, renewable hydrogen, hydroelectric and geothermal systems.

For energy producers

We focus on emerging energy generation markets – i.e. undertaking a feasibility of your greenfield development of utility scale solar and wind farms and hydroelectric generation systems, or design and integration of renewable hydrogen systems for transport and industrial infrastructure.

Our agile and adaptable team can provide engineering support and assist in the developmental approval process.  

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Robert Nicholson General Manager - Energy

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