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Complex Geotechnical Design

With a deep understanding of client requirements, we design efficient geotechnical structures to facilitate maximum project value, and provide insight across the full project life cycle to deliver the project.

Project planning

Using desktop data, pitt&sherry can optimise geotechnical investigations to provide targeted, relevant information that adds value to the project. We work in partnership with our clients, employing our depth of knowledge across disciplines to develop project geotechnical plans. pitt&sherry employs a fully digital workflow, using industry standard GIS systems. This allows us to quickly and efficiently undertake desktop studies of existing sources of data. We are able to draw upon more than 50 years of operations, as well as publicly available data sources, to develop ground hypotheses that are robustly tested by field investigation.


pitt&sherry is experienced in the full spectrum of geotechnical investigations across all sectors, markets and project scales, within Australia and internationally. We have successfully undertaken investigations for buildings, transport and industrial infrastructure projects, and have particular expertise in landslides, foundation systems, soft soil embankments, bridge foundations, pavements, dams, pipelines, quarrying, mining and tunnelling.

The investigation services we offer include:

  • Field supervision and logging of borehole drilling and test pitting • Geotechnical logging of core
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of ground movement, borehole settlement gauges and inclinometers
  • CPTu and in-situ vein shear testing with the pitt&sherry CPTu rig
  • Geological and geomorphological mapping
  • Seismic refraction surveys and interpretation
  • Permeability and groundwater assessment.

Safety and quality

pitt&sherry employs externally audited safe systems of work to ensure that all investigation works are undertaken efficiently and safely. All of our field staff are fully trained and inducted in our safety systems and are experienced at working in client-specific safety environments. All subcontractors engaged on our geotechnical investigation projects also work under our safety systems, with full-time supervision provided by pitt&sherry staff. We ensure everyone works towards our clients’ objectives in a safe and appropriate manner.

Equally, we are committed to ensuring that our investigations are undertaken with minimum impact or disturbance to the natural environment. All our staff and subcontractors work under our projectspecific environmental management plan.

pitt&sherry is certified under the ISO:9001 quality management system and is always striving to deliver quality outcomes. We work in partnership with our clients and are committed to transparent communication throughout the project life cycle. We always work to the appropriate Australian Standard. If no Standard is available or applicable to the project, we will work with the client to implement a suitable alternative.


Our geotechnical engineering professionals strive to provide clear and concise analysis of field investigation data to enable clients to understand the implications of the ground on their project and make informed choices.

We can provide professional risk-based assessment, interpretation and reporting with respect to:

  • Foundation investigations for structures
  • Stability of natural, excavated or constructed slopes
  • Consolidation and stability of embankments and associated remedial measures.

In the course of our investigations we use a number of tools: stress measurement and monitoring cells, extensometers, piezometers, point load testers, mini beam testers, meyco penetrometers, rockbolt pull testing kit, rockbolt hole gauge, instrumentation data logger, cone penetrometers (CPT) and dynamic cone penetrometers (DCP).

Construction phase support

By engaging with clients throughout the project life cycle, pitt&sherry is uniquely positioned to provide construction stage support and effective implementation of the project geotechnical plan. Everyone in our geotechnical team has industry experience and a deep understanding of construction phase constraints and requirements. pitt&sherry undertakes contractor support, clientside supervision and proof engineering of all geotechnical structures, excavations and support systems.

We develop and implement quality assurance programs, testing and inspection plans, hold point approvals and practicable completion inspections. Our strength and depth of skills, and the broad expertise of our geotechnical engineering professionals, enable us to provide ad hoc geotechnical project assistance across Australia and internationally.

Analysis and design

pitt&sherry’s commitment to delivering full life cycle value to clients continues with the analysis of field investigation data, either collected by us or supplied by the client, and the development of clear and concise geotechnical interpretations. Our easy-to-interpret results are targeted and tailored to the project requirements, and employ cutting edge digital data visualisation to enable quick and instinctive access to the results.

pitt&sherry designs ground stabilisation, support systems, underground and above-ground excavations, foundations and geotechnical structures for all markets and projects. We use sound engineering judgment and experience, our understanding of the full project life cycle, together with state-of-the-art modelling and analysis tools, to develop efficient and economical design solutions for our clients. Whether a small retaining structure, an underground chamber or foundations for large commercial developments, pitt&sherry has the skills and experience to drive value and deliver quality outcomes.


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