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Geotechnical design and proof engineering

Our specialist geotechnical engineers with deep and broad experience in civil and mining operations, commanding a deep knowledge and understanding of ground engineering issues and civil/mine construction enables straightforward management of complex and sometimes conflicting design agendas.

Combining a unique set of scientific, engineering, design and operation planning capabilities, we deliver specialised services for geotechnical oversight and design within the civil engineering and mining sphere.

We deliver creative and innovative solutions to geotechnical design issues — our design solutions are underpinned by extensive experience in safe, efficient and functional design and design oversight for a variety of civil and mining installations. We aim to work with our clients and third party contractors to improve geotechnical design solutions which deliver safe, cost efficient and compliant structures.

A diverse skills base within our team means that not only can we can rapidly identify areas of issue but also areas where project upside can be realised. We aim to provide and enhance innovative solutions within the expected design and legislative frameworks of the various jurisdictions in which our clients build and operate.

Whether upgrading an existing facility or creating a new civil or mine development we provide input and coordination for the design of ground investigations, assessment and review of investigation outcomes, provision of geotechnical design inputs and proof engineering services within the civil engineering sphere.

Our team provides solutions for purpose-suitable civil and mine design. We undertake condition surveys for both mine and hydro-power stations and provide input and review into ground control and management plans for mine operations. We develop collaboration relationships between the client and various 3rd party contractors; these relationships enhance ownership of design solutions and promote effective and efficient design solutions.

pitt&sherry has the capability to provide proof engineering review to all aspects of civil design from building projects, roads and bridges to deep tunnels and their associated ventilation shafts.

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