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Stakeholder and Community Engagement

pitt&sherry acknowledges the importance of working with and involving communities and stakeholders on projects large and small. We have worked closely with private and public-sector stakeholders and communities and encourage best practice engagement. Our team draws on the skills and experience from environmental, planning and engineering within the infrastructure sector. We have two iAP2 trained team members who are ready to apply their training and experience to practice engagement that aligns with industry and international standards.

pitt&sherry has worked with clients from local and state government, and the private sector to deliver engagement and consultation for road developments and extensions, linear infrastructure projects, housing developments, and master/strategic planning.

Our capability includes the following:

Social research

  • Desktop and field based data collection to understand stakeholder and community demographics and preferences.
  • Stakeholder mapping.
  • Social Impact Assessments.

Information and education programs

  • Community sessions, face to face with individuals, online engagement (social media, websites) to convey information to relevant stakeholders or communities.

Landholder engagement

  • Engagement with landholders and tenants for projects involving access, land acquisition or construction impacts.

Facilitation of community sessions

  • Facilitation of small to large community sessions using tailored methods to achieve the engagement purpose.

Master and strategic planning

  • Engagement with the community at various levels to enable the preparation of representative master and strategic plans.
  • Community engagement planning
  • Documentation and planning for community and stakeholder engagement projects and events.

Participation in community engagement

  • Participation in tribunals and advisory panels.
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