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A New Approach for pitt&sherry

press release November 29th 2018

pitt&sherry launches a new look to celebrate commitment to clients and inspired thinking.

Today pitt&sherry unveils the next chapter in over fifty years of commitment to clients in the provision of specialist knowledge and practical solutions.

Our new look retains the heritage of our business in its name, while ensuring that our clients are always at the centre of any project.We emphasise that our tagline – Specialist Knowledge. Practical Solutions.  The ampersand symbolises the collaboration between the client, other key partners and ourselves in delivering successful projects.

With the client at the heart of all that they deliver, behind the scenes, pitt&sherry has reinvigorated the customer experience. Dan O’Toole, CEO shared;

“At the end of the day we want to be easy to work with and provide a great client experience. Communication is core to that experience, and an area that we are continually looking to improve.

We are committed more than ever, to building strong relationships built on mutual respect, understanding and the delivery of great outcomes. This is a proud day in the history of our organisation. We are appreciative of our rich history and the expertise we have built over half a century, yet today, we are a very different company.

Our focus on the sectors of Transport, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and Tourism and Recreation have been motivated by how our clients see themselves and how they align themselves. Each sector has its own unique body of knowledge, IP, language and industry associations. By demonstrating we understand how they see themselves through building our knowledge communities, we actively create better client focus and relationships.

As we build our high performance organisation, we seek to combine exceptional strategy with a business model and culture that sustainably achieves outstanding performance in all areas. We are investing in creating a high performing organisation and part of this process is showing how we are listening more deeply, engaging confidently and communicating effectively. This is the start of a new journey for our clients in which we hope to delight, engage and inspire.”

About pitt&sherry.

pitt&sherry is a specialist consultancy delivering intelligent and sustainable solutions to industry, government and communities for over 50 years. Working on projects throughout Australia and internationally, their areas of focus are Transport, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining, Energy and Tourism and Recreation.


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