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Equal Pay Day at pitt&sherry

Today, 31 August 2021, is Equal Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day marks the 61 extra days from the end of the previous financial year that women, on average, must work to earn the same annual pay as men. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), Australia’s gender pay gap has widened to 14.2%.

As an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, we are committed to building a gender equal workplace. Each year, we conduct an annual pay gap analysis in line with our remuneration reviews to ensure we’re tracking our pay gap progress.

Over the past 12 months, pitt&sherry has taken steps towards achieving gender equity in the workplace by:

  • Expanding our parental leave policies
  • Parental coaching available for our staff and their partners
  • Making flexible working practices available to employees at all levels
  • Pay equity reviews to ensure fair and equitable pay and career progression opportunities
  • Updating our policies including the introduction of a procurement policy
  • Creating leadership development programs
  • And, we are currently undertaking accreditation for our breastfeeding facilities.


This #EqualPayDay animation is a great introduction to the gender pay gap and why it exists.

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