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Euroa Abattoir using world first energy initiatives

pitt&sherry have been working collaboratively with Australia Pacific Agri-Corp (Projects) Pty Ltd on the Euroa Beef Abattoir project in Central Queensland for the past 2 years and is due for approval by the Queensland Government this week. This high tech beef processing plant proposes using some world first energy initiatives such as generating hydrogen from the wastewater stream powered by an onsite solar farm providing renewable, secure and reliable energy. This system has the potential to reduce processing costs.

David Carberry, pitt&sherry’s Principal Environment and Infrastructure states, “it will be only one of a few purpose-built beef processing facilities to be constructed in Australia in the last 50 years and will be best practice in terms of using the state of art technologies.” As a ‘state-of-art’ beef processing facility, it will use the advantage of the latest technology and innovation to minimise environmental impact, taking into consideration the environmental aspects of carbon, water, electricity, gas and waste within the site.

pitt&sherry used an integrated sustainable design focus. David Carberry said that “Euroa will become a benchmark for sustainable industrial facilities that will not only have environmental and social benefits but will result in reduced meat processing costs.”

‘World’s best practice’ design will be incorporated to allow the project to become one of Australia’s first full scale beef industry carbon abatement projects. An onsite bio-digester and covered anaerobic tanks will process waste from the facility, turning it into methane. The Euroa facility will produce a large range of pasture and grain fed beef products from premium traditional cuts to manufactured products for the high end global beef market.

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