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First C Cell in Tasmania to contain contaminated waste

A Category C Cell is a waste storage facility that is designed to store waste materials with a high level  of contamination.  To enable this a more sophisticated lining system is required on the floor and walls of the cell to prevent contamination escaping to the environment.  pitt&sherry had to design this liner system to meet the stringent requirements set by the Environmental ProtectionAuthority.

This is the first C Cell in Tasmania – prior to this any high level contaminated waste was shipped to Melbourne or Sydney for storage – with obvious environmental risks or stored at the owners site – which is clearly unacceptable.

The site (and cell) is owned and operated by Southern Waste Solutions, which is a joint venture between four of the local councils in Southern Tasmania.  pitt&sherry has been providing on going engineering and environmental services to Southern Waste Solutions since 2008.

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