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pitt&sherry awarded Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity for 2020

pitt&sherry is thrilled to be awarded as the Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity for 2020. The award presented by Engineers Australia’s National Committee for Women in Engineering recognises national engineering excellence and the contribution women in engineering make to the community.

This award seeks to identify, recognise and reward companies that strive towards national engineering excellence in encouraging gender diversity.

We believe that gender diversity is a vital element to pitt&sherry, one that demonstrates inclusivity.

The communities and clients we solve problems for are incredibly diverse; we believe in building teams that represent that diversity can only be good for the design and project outcomes.

pitt&sherry’s CEO Benita Husband says,

“We thank Engineers Australia for this award. This award embodies our commitment to gender equity in the engineering industry and our aspirations for a more inclusive environment to support more women entering the industry.”

HR Manager Sarah Mills added, “This award symbolizes the strategies, policies and changes we’ve been making towards encouraging gender diversity at pitt&sherry.”

pitt&sherry is honoured by this award and the recognition by our peers and the industry that it represents.

Award badge that says pitt&sherry Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity Award 2020 Winner

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pitt&sherry is an Australian-owned engineering and environmental consultancy. Since 1963, we have been delivering engineering and environmental consulting, advisory and project management services throughout Australia and abroad.

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