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Powering STEM university studies – Our University of Tasmania partnership

There is currently a skills shortage of engineers in Australia. Around 40% of students do not complete engineering qualifications.

Scholarships can help lift engineering study completion rates, reduce time-to-completion, and keep engineers in the workforce.

That’s why we contributed $65,000 in scholarships for engineering and sciences degrees in partnership with the University of Tasmania.

Since 2014, our scholarships gave students the flexibility to excel academically and complete their degrees in a way that makes sense to them. We are proud of the fact that 88% of our scholarship recipients embarked on their professional careers with pitt&sherry, and continue to do so.


“Receiving the pitt&sherry University of Tasmania Scholarship in Engineering for 2018 was a very proud and humbling experience for me. The scholarship enabled me to learn directly from and integrate with industry experts, all whilst figuring out what aspects of engineering really excited me. With pitt&sherry, I have been fortunate to proactively develop my engineering skills and be exposed to a broad range of exciting projects right from day one as a student engineer.” Josh Hniat, Senior Engineer.

“I am incredibly grateful for the engineering scholarship, as it provided me with the invaluable opportunity to gain real industry experience. This experience not only better prepared me to enter the workforce after university but has also introduced me to a positive workplace environment with mentors who guided me throughout my journey, including the successful completion of my honours.” – Pixie Gerber, Experienced Engineer.

This scholarship program forms a part of our Social Impact commitments under our Making a Difference: the pitt&sherry way framework.

Applications for the next round of pitt&sherry Scholarship in Science & Engineering open in mid-2024.

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