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Simplifying pitt&sherry’s company structure

In pitt&sherry’s 60-year history, it has held a number of different entities and business names as part of the Pitt & Sherry Group. As our business evolves, certain entities lose their function and become obsolete – they do not actively trade, and they have no assets. For this reason, pitt&sherry is streamlining its company structure.

Dormant companies still need to be maintained and it is good governance practice to voluntarily deregister these entities and close them down. To simplify the administration of the Pitt & Sherry Group of companies and reduce unnecessary administration along with holding costs, it was determined that three entities should be voluntarily deregistered.

The following were/are no longer being utilised:

  • Pitt & Sherry (International) Pty Ltd ACN 615 509 530 (PSI)
  • Pitt & Sherry Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 009 586 083 (PSH)
  • Pitt & Sherry Services Pty Ltd ACN 056 353 470 (PSS)

Voluntary deregistration is a straightforward process and was initiated entirely due to these entities being dormant, legacy companies that pitt&sherry is allowing to “retire.”

Pitt & Sherry Services Pty Ltd (PSS) was voluntarily deregistered in October 2022, and Pitt & Sherry Holdings Pty Ltd (PSH) is currently in the process of being voluntarily deregistered. PSI will also be voluntarily deregistered this year. Whilst applications are being processed, the ASIC register shows that “strike off action is in progress”.

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