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Work Life Balance not a Myth at pitt&sherry

At pitt&sherry we have a commitment to Flexible Work Practices (FWP) that includes providing employees with the opportunity to create individual working solutions. An important aspect of FWP is that the solution enhances the ability for an employee to meet personal commitments and achieve business goals – that is, achieving desired outcomes at home and work.

An optimal solution for employees means easing work life conflicts by enabling you to more comfortably meet both your personal and work commitments. A winning solution for pitt&sherry means the business goals are more likely to be met (or exceeded) by employees who are more dedicated and more productive. Because each person’s situation and work role are different, pitt&sherry encourages discussions in decisions concerning FWP and negotiating flexible work arrangements, recognising that not every type of FWP will suit every person, role or team. Our programs guidelines for four different options to achieve an optimal FWP include:

  1. Flex time / consolidated hours
  2. Part time work
  3. Job sharing
  4. Working from home / remote office

In May pitt&sherry worked with The Flex Agility Group to survey staff about flexible working at pitt&sherry with the focus on how to gain insight and clarity on the next steps to create a more flexible and leading flexible workplace.

The results indicate that 88% of the pitt&sherry workforce are working flexibly. This flexible work practice addresses the three top needs of:

  1. Reduced stress and improved health and wellbeing
  2. Increased job satisfaction
  3. Increased productivity

Some of the benefits of working flexibly at pitt&sherry have been identified as

  1. High attraction and retention rate of talent
  2. Reduced absenteeism
  3. Increased productivity

pitt&sherry’s continued commitment to evolve the workplace practices for it’s employees makes it a great place to work. To learn more about careers at pitt&sherry visit:





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