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Our Team

Together can we foster a culture of optimism and shared success.

Our people are our most valuable asset.

As specialist consultants, we provide smart solutions which empower our clients, communities and colleagues to thrive.

Our workforce consists of people with diverse cultures, backgrounds and skills. This diversity enriches our breadth of knowledge, capability and experience.

We are skilled problem solvers that believe challenges are also opportunities.

Relentlessly client-focused and outcome-driven, we embrace an unwavering obsession to deliver an outstanding client experience.

Our experts live our values and actively contribute to the long-term success of our clients through:

Integrity – our word matters and when we say we will deliver, we do.

Courage – we push the boundaries and take risks to achieve innovative solutions.

Creativity – we excel at creative, lateral thinking and make ideas a reality.

Relationships – through collaboration we foster a culture of optimism and shared success.

Sustainability – together we believe in creating to protect the environment in a safe and sustainable way.

Accountability – we are committed to the environment, sustainability and safety.

By being adaptable, dynamic and agile, we are committed to making a difference in this ever-changing world.

Board of Directors

Janet Matton
Janet Matton
Non-Executive Director

Janet has a talent for ensuring businesses embrace technology-enabled business model changes that both minimise strategic and operational risk and maximise business growth and return. Janet’s capabilities include the ability to work at both the strategic and detailed operational levels with a talent for developing strategic initiatives and translating them into operational success. Her vast experience encompasses strategic change programs, acquisitions and divestitures, large scale project management and leadership of large, complex teams.  She has more than 20 years of senior, corporate management experience across multiple disciplines including Finance, HR, Strategy and IT and joined our Board in March 2019.

Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy

With more than 37 years experience in both national and global consulting industries, Paul has particular expertise in strategic planning and business development. Leading 12 successful mergers across China, Hong Kong, Africa and Australia.

Paul has been recognised by Engineers Australia each year from 2009 to 2013 as one of the 100 most influential engineers in Australia.


Dan O’Toole
Chief Executive Officer

Dan offers 25 years’ experience working in the mining, industrial and private consulting sectors. He is recognised as a leading practitioner in shaft excavation and support design having provided engineering advice on projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, Central-Asia, South Africa and Brazil.

Prior to joining pitt&sherry, Dan was a Senior Executive in Coffey International Limited where he founded the international mining consultancy, Coffey Mining Pty Ltd.

Mobile 0407 206 550

David Finnigan
Executive Director
Principal Engineer

David holds degrees in civil engineering and economics and has more than 25 years’ experience in providing client-focused consultancy services in multi-specialist engineering projects across the industrial, community services and transport infrastructure sectors in Australia.

David has strategic and operational roles and responsibilities requiring collaboration with other pitt&sherry offices and strategy groups to provide a common cultural approach to doing business and pursuing the company’s overarching vision and strategy.

David’s core capabilities have been developed through his work on significant and complex building, civil infrastructure, road, bridge, mining, processing and manufacturing projects, and he continues to hold senior leadership roles in major Tasmanian projects, acting as the pivotal point between designers, contractors and the client.  David has spent a considerable portion of his professional career providing technical, contractual and commercial advice to clients, broadly involving the procurement and implementation of numerous infrastructure projects within Australia.

David was elected to the Board in 2015.

Mobile 03 6323 1924

Dr. Andrew Sonnenberg
National Manager Bridge Engineering

National Bridge Engineering Manager, Dr. Andrew Sonnenberg has over 20 years’ experience in design and management of bridge assets. Andrew solves some of the industry’s toughest challenges from the design of complex bridge structures through to assessing the risks associated with ageing infrastructure. Andrew has a broad range of skills in design, verification, inspection, load testing, asset management planning, heavy vehicle permitting, stakeholder management and load rating of bridges. He offers expert advice on the latest requirements and trends in bridge design and construction.

Mobile 0407 868 073

Nicky Pollington
Executive Director

Nicky has worked in mining operations and infrastructure development in both Australia and internationally for 18 years.  Leader of Mining and Geotechnical Services at pitt&sherry since she joined the Board in October 2017. She brings practical leadership insight, a holistic future-focus and balanced direction in times of change. Nicky’s sound judgment, drawn from navigating complex projects, combined with her courage and passion for pitt&sherry’s vision makes her a vital Board member.

Mobile 0413452628

Jane Bailey
Company Secretary

Jane has extensive experience and a deep knowledge and understanding of corporate regulatory and company rules. She has held diverse roles, including 10 years in private practice as a legal practitioner and lecturer at various tertiary institutions, as well as experience in the private sector.

As Company Secretary at pitt&sherry Jane is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of administrative processes and corporate governance are promoted and maintained so that the business operates efficiently and in accordance with all statutory and legal provisions

In her role as Contracts Review Leader she is responsible for providing support and advice to assist with the review, negotiation and establishment of appropriate contractual and commercial arrangements for the business operations of the pitt&sherry group.

Jane is a strong team player with excellent organisational skills and an ability to clearly communicate complex sensitive information to stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Craig McCloskey
GM Finance & Support Services

Craig is an experienced finance leader who has successfully managed financial and accounting functions for local and regional businesses both in Australia and overseas for more than fifteen years.  He is able to deliver sound financial and governance outcomes while at the same time delivering commercial and strategic guidance and support. He has extensive finance and business experience including acquisitions, integrations, divestments, restructuring, bank financing, tax planning, establishing new businesses, transitioning new management, risk management, health and safety and business systems. Craig is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary, Certified Finance and Treasury Professional and an experienced private company director and private NFP Board director.

Doug Bleasl
Doug Bleasel
Safety and Risk Advisor

Doug has 15 years of experience in Health and Safety in industries such as Manufacturing, Corporate, Construction, Oil and Gas, Mining, Warehousing and Logistics.

Dan O’Toole
Chief Executive Officer

Dan offers 25 years’ experience working in the mining, industrial and private consulting sectors. He is recognised as a leading practitioner in shaft excavation and support design having provided engineering advice on projects throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, Central-Asia, South Africa and Brazil.

Prior to joining pitt&sherry, Dan was a Senior Executive in Coffey International Limited where he founded the international mining consultancy, Coffey Mining Pty Ltd.

Mobile 0407 206 550

Bob Gregg
General Manager Operations

With over 30 years’ experience in engineering design and contract administration and management of civil, structural and planning projects, across a broad range of disciplines and market sectors; Bob’s focus as General Manager Operations (GMO) provides support and leadership to pitt&sherry’s regional operations to ensure safe operations, efficient and effective resourcing and delivery for projects, strategic recruitment and financial performance.

Bob was previously an Executive General Manager at VDM Group Ltd, focused on their Construction and Consulting services offering, managing the east coast construction operations and responsible for all national and international consulting operations.

Mobile 0418 796 040


Sarah Mills
HR Manager

Sarah has been an important part of pitt&sherry’s growth for over 17 years. Following a diverse range of roles, Sarah is now responsible for the management and delivery of the human resources functions across the whole company.

Sarah contributes to the development of staff, whilst having a broad company-wide knowledge of all systems, processes and support services.

Mobile 0409 685 264

Matt Hyatt
Regional Manager - Victoria

Matt has extensive experience across transport, industrial and water infrastructure projects through his varied leadership roles on significant transport and water industry infrastructure panels. He has a proven track record of success through collaboratively working within relationship driven teams. Whether business case preparation, multidiscipline design and management or creation of tenders, Matt delivers specialist knowledge and experience to deliver excellence in water, industrial and commercial projects.

Mobile 0438 360 209

Andy Turner
Regional Manager - Tasmania

Andrew is responsible for projects delivered in Tasmania across the industrial infrastructure, mining, food and beverage, and transport infrastructure markets.

As Group Executive Tasmania, Andrew uses his high-level leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of the company’s resources and capabilities to create a unified delivery model across the state.

Andrew’s engineering experience includes six years in the United Kingdom as a geotechnical engineer in investigations and tunnel design, three years as the manager of pitt&sherry’s operations in Queensland, and fifteen years as manager of the Launceston office delivering industrial and civil engineering solutions, and support to the recovery initiative in Timor Leste.

Mobile 0417 355 990

David Coe
Transport Infrastructure Market and Knowledge Communities Leader

David is a senior principal with over 35 years’ experience in the design and construction of civil/structural engineering projects associated with the design, rehabilitation and management of bridges. David is responsible for the delivery of key operational matters and strategic initiatives related to technical development and risk across the company’s multi specialist technical disciplines.

He has considerable experience working within a large project team acting as the pivotal point between designers, contractors and the client. David is a nominated VicRoads Proof Engineer.

Mobile 0417 576 329

Malinda Facey
Regional Manager - NSW

Malinda has been working the environmental field for over 25 years in Australia and New Zealand.  She has extensive experience working on transport infrastructure, water, waste and renewable energy projects. Malinda has worked in senior leadership roles for a number of years and is now the Regional Manager for pitt&sherry’s NSW operations. Malinda is focussed on clients and project delivery whilst growing pitt&sherry’s presence in the NSW market.

Mobile 0438 752 476

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Doug Johnston
Principal Consultant/Project Manager

Doug has 30 years’ technical experience in the manufacturing industry.  With expertise in evaluating process flows, analysing Takt times and eliminating bottlenecks, Doug has a sound knowledge of engineering principals and process improvement methodology.

He has extensive project, operations and contractor management experience through capital projects such as plant upgrades, equipment installations and plant improvement initiatives in the material handling and industrial washing sectors. As Industrial Leader, he provides technical leadership to the engineering and technical team, and is responsible for the timely delivery of projects.

Suresh Kannan
Associate Mechanical Engineer

ME, FIEAust, CPEng, RPEQ, NER (Mech, Amusement Rides & Devices), IntPE(Aus), APEC Engineer

Associate / Specialist Senior Mechanical Engineer

Suresh is a highly experienced mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ engineering and consulting experience gained from working in a wide range of industries, including smelters and mining, automotive, dairy, timber, textile, R&D, power, aerospace and moving plant – cranes and amusement rides.

Suresh’s particular expertise is in the mechanical equipment design, engineering, third party design verification and compliance certification, plant and equipment conditional assessment, Research and Development, third party inspection and end of life review of moving plant such as cranes, amusement rides and lifting equipment, failure analysis, mechanical / structural welding inspection for compliance and project management.

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