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Water and Wastewater

To strategically plan for a sustainable water cycle, we assess developments against the economic, social and environmental needs of our clients, local authorities and the community. 

We work collaboratively with water authorities, road and rail authorities, local government, infrastructure developers and contractors, land developers, and from the agricultural, mining and manufacturing sectors. 

We provide solutions in pump station design and sewer rising main, gravity systems design, network modelling, combined systems, process improvement, wastewater treatment and disposal. 

 Our services cover: 

  • Strategic planning of sustainable water cycle  
  • The management of catchment and receiving waters 
  • Water harvesting, treatment, storage and distribution 
  • Wastewater and stormwater collection, distribution, storage, treatment, disposal and reuse 
  • Water sensitive urban design and modelling 
  • Options analysis including selection, delivery and commissioning of technology and process components 
  • Infrastructure asset management for long-term sustainable service delivery 
  • Electrical and mechanical design including PLC control, instrumentation and control systems 
  • Life cycle analysis, energy and process efficiency and greenhouse gas assessments. 

 We have experience in modelling, planning and designing water distribution systems, including: 

  • Distribution system modelling and optimisation 
  • Pipeline design and construction supervision 
  • Pump station design 
  • Storm flow analysis 
  • Reticulation modelling 
  • Application of modelling packages such as MUSIC, MEDLI etc. 
  • Asset management 
  • Engineering and process design of storage, pipelines, pumping and treatment systems 
  • Process mapping and process improvement scenarios 
  • Risk assessment such as HAZOP, CHAIR sessions based on nodal analysis 
  • Preparation of development application and associated documentation including stakeholder liaison 
  • Infrastructure asset management to model and plan for the financial physical and human resources needed to sustain service delivery. 
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