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Compliance & Risk Management

Through the implementation of technical expertise, we deliver facilities comply with regulations, standards and operating management plans.

We provide outstanding solutions to major challenges across a broad range of transport infrastructure, industrial and mining facilities and commercial buildings. pitt&sherry supports clients in the identification, assessment and control of risks.

The services we provide include:

  • Essential service compliance of buildings
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical engineering inspections and certification
  • Air, water, noise monitoring and modelling at all phases of the asset lifecycle
  • Water quality assessment and management
  • Waste strategy and management plans
  • Inspection of specialist mechanistical equipment including cranes, moving bridges and amusements rides.

Our evidence based approach enables us to provide an audit trail of compliance, risk management and continual improvement. By using specialist tools, such as AssetAsyst, we are able to provide evidence of compliance in a single location. Importantly, we use our technical expertise to support our clients deliver optimised risk managed solutions.

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