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Construction Engineering

Specialist construction phase engineers with expertise in temporary works design, third-party design reviews and assessment of existing infrastructure.

The entire development process often culminates in the construction phase. Our qualified team of professionals have the experience to anticipate unnecessary setbacks during construction and support project predictability for our clients.

Field engineers work closely with municipalities, residents, business owners and contractors to help keep projects on time, within budget and phased in a manner to create the least amount of disruption to daily operations.

We have licensed professional engineers, degree qualified professionals and certified technicians with a wealth of experience in all types of public and private site construction, such as:

  • Third party independent reviews of the erection sequence
  • Re-design of the foundation/building systems to suit available equipment and materials onsite
  • Assessment of the capacity of existing infrastructure, including drainage culverts
  • Design of temporary works support structures
  • Temporary traffic management staging reviews
  • Verification of tower and mobile crane foundations.
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