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Inspections & Condition Assessment

Combining our experience in a wide range of structural assets to provide succinct and factual reporting of structural inspections. Provision of targeted and prioritised actions to enable remediation and improvement to increase asset life spans.

Our experience in inspecting a wide range of structural assets allow us to tailor each inspection to meet our client’s specific needs; ranging from basic visual inspections to in-depth monitoring and testing of materials and components.

These inspections can focus on a wide variety of aspects including structure condition, compliance with building codes and compliance with design documentation. Whether it is a residential dwelling, commercial property or an industrial facility, we have the experience and capability necessary to inspect and report on any type of structure or collection of structures.

All results from inspections can be recorded using a risk-based methodology and tailored to meet the specific risk management reporting needs of our clients. So that reports are relevant for individual clients, content is customisable to individual defect by defect reporting or alternatively report on structure conditions in a broader sense. This allows our clients to have a targeted and prioritised approach to maintenance scheduling.


Inspection of structures to enable assessment and reporting of:

  • Condition
  • Remaining life and future serviceability
  • Building code compliance
  • Design documentation compliance
  • Load carrying capacity and suitability of intended use
  • Pre-purchase condition assessments.

Inspection of any structure including:

  • Remote area structures
  • Difficult access structures using training in confined space, working at heights, industrial rope access
  • Residential, commercial, industrial, transport and mining
  • Provision of targeted and prioritised remedial actions.

Use and provision of specialist inspection equipment and expertise areas including:

  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Concrete cover testing
  • Paint thickness
  • Weld quality
  • Cranes and lifting devices.
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