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Amusement Ride Inspections & Engineering Services

Clients depend on our major inspections and Australian Standards compliance audits to bring peace-of-mind. With over 25 years consulting in amusement rides we deliver proven, with technical rigour.

The mechanical devices and structures that come together to create amusement rides look exciting and daring. The technical rigour underpinning the design, maintenance and safety of each and every ride is uncompromising and meticulous. Our clients trust us to bring the necessary precision so their customers are protected in every moment.

We provide detailed advice and instruction on repairs/rectification works, planned maintenance, refurbishment, compliance to AS3533-Amusement Rides and Devices, and associated Australian Standards for structural, civil, electrical and mechanical components.and upgrades to metal and timber amusement devices of classifications 1 to 5.


Inspections typically include:

  • Term of Life – mechanical and structural adequacy and condition of the ride, through visual inspection (including strip down and disassembly), NDT and fatigue analysis, re-assembly inspection
  • Manuals, documentation and service records inspection
  • Compliance with current Standards, good industry practice and OH&S guidelines

Providing both annual and major inspection services, following items are inspected, assessed and reported on in accordance with AS3533:

  • Structures: track and previous repairs condition, corrosion, anchor bolts, base plate and pedestal condition, structural members, walkways, platforms, intrusion hazards, hand rails and anti-rollback systems
  • Vehicles: brakes, mechanical systems, restraints, condition/corrosion
  • Audit: preventative maintenance and inspection program
  • Electrical: inspection to AS3000 and testing to AS60204.

pitt&sherry will prepare NDT instructions, assess the results and make corrective recommendations necessary for compliance. On compliance achievement, pitt&sherry provide ride inspection certification.

Inspection methodology

To complete major inspections, we work with the maintenance provider(s), an NDT company and, if required, a surveying company. To provide the utmost ease and confidence to our clients, we canwork with existing preferred suppliers or recommend suitable companies to complete the work.

Including typical processes such as:

  • Initial inspection of the ride and documentation
  • Production of further inspection instructions for the maintenance provider, NDT provider and surveyors
  • Review of inspection results
  • Report of major inspection detailing: condition, defects, upgrades for compliance with the current standards, other recommendations and observations
  • Oversight as required of repairs and upgrades.

Other services

Issues of fatigue in moving plant and structures are serious matters. Our knowledge and experience in the fatigue assessment area has allowed our clients to proactively manage fatigue risks and plan for events should they occur.

We offer a range of fatigue assessment services including:

  • Loading cycle determination
  • Material property assessment
  • Instrumentation and measurement of in situ stress / strain to characterise the behaviour of structures which are exposed to fatigue failure risk
  • Analysis of structures and components, including finite element analysis
  • Fatigue analysis – using crack initiation and crack growth fracture mechanics methodologies
  • Fatigue limit state design
  • Maintenance management strategies for fatigue sensitive structures and equipment.

pitt&sherry can also provide:

  • Full reverse engineering of the ride
  • Hazard and risk assessment for the ride, including chairing or attendance at meetings
  • Consideration of upgrades, for end of life/non-OEM-supported components, occupant restraint upgrades, or reliability
  • New, specialised equipment design
  • Professional certification of existing equipment
  • Proof testing design
  • Risk analysis, procedure development and design of special lift devices and cradles for major maintenance
  • Third party design verification for new and imported equipment.
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