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Bridge Inspections

Our teams have conducted thousands of bridge inspections. We draw on this experience to help you optimise your assets.  

We employ a range of tools to assist our inspections from core drilling in timber piers, to remote drones and boats for at height and water inspections.  

We provide Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 bridge inspections for infrastructure owners across Australia.

Level 1 Inspections 

Our level 1 bridge inspection and culvert inspections are a visual inspection of the structure, aimed at identifying any unusual characteristics or anomalies that warrant further detailed inspection. 

Level 2 Inspections 

Our level 2 bridge inspection and culvert inspections focuses on providing the detailed and quantified data to formulate and prioritise maintenance works as part of your asset management program. These visual inspections look at past treatments, identifies current maintenance needs, models and forecasts future changes in condition and can assist in estimating future budget requirements.

Level 3 Inspections 

As part of our Level 3 bridge inspection and culvert inspections we undertake a structural engineering inspection and analysis of the structure. This may include bridge modelling (structural analysis), load testing, coring and many other destructive and non-destructive testing methods. 

We deliver assessment data and reporting outcomes using Bridge Management System – BridgeAsyst®or present it for use in other data stores or reports. 

pitt&sherry works with councils to develop maintenance and renewal programs and can support this through detailed design, drafting and contract administration services. 

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