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Contaminated Land

A specialist team with demonstrated expertise and local experience is key to a thorough understanding of regulators’ expectations and providing financially and environmentally effective outcomes.

pitt&sherry’s contaminated land team encompasses highly qualified and experienced scientists across a broad range of disciplines, including chemistry, geology, soil science, environmental modelling, ecology and project management. This results in a unique multi-disciplinary skill set which covers all aspects of contaminated land management.

Most of us have acted as regulators at some point in their career, providing a thorough understanding of regulators’ expectations. Our extensive local network and experience mean we know and understand specific local requirements.

Management of contaminated land is a complex process and usually, presents a wide range of issues requiring a cross functional approach. If not managed properly, contamination problems can turn into a long and costly exercise, and affect your corporate reputation or property value.

Our specialist team will design practical and cost effective solutions to your contamination issues based on our considerable technical knowledge and experience. Our team’s extensive knowledge of relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements will help you achieve the best outcome and statutory compliance in a timely manner.

Our expertise includes:

  • Contaminated site assessments
  • Underground petroleum storage tank assessment
  • Soil and groundwater monitoring
  • Due diligence and redevelopment assessments
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Contaminated waste management
  • Contaminant fate and transport modelling
  • Risk assessment
  • Works approval and statutory compliance.

Our extensive experience includes the management of a wide range of contaminants in soil, surface water and groundwater, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents, agricultural, wastewater and industrial chemicals.

Industries covered by pitt&sherry’s contaminated land capabilities include petroleum, heavy industries, property developments, chemical manufacturing, wastewater and water treatment, port activities, agricultural, mining, infrastructure and railways.

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