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Flood & Drainage Modelling

pitt&sherry provides a range of specialist services for the management of assets, as they are affected by flooding.

pitt&sherry has expertise in hydrologic modelling, 1D, 2D and 3D hydraulic modelling and predictive maintenance modelling.

pitt&sherry is fully appraised of recent developments in Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2016, the Austroads bridge scour manual, Queensland TMR’s Road Drainage Manual, and changes to State and Local Government policies and practices.

Flood modelling

pitt&sherry’s team is experienced in the practical use of contemporary hydrologic and hydraulic modelling packages, and their integration with CAD, GIS and other software platforms. The team undertakes structured continuous development of its skills and capabilities, and holds licenses for many current hydrological and hydraulic packages, including the HEC suite (HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-SSP, HEC-DSS), TUFLOW, 12d Drainage, Open FOAM, DRAINS.

Areas of recent technical development are yielding valuable results:

  • CFD or 3D modelling of flood flows at bridges, which have been used to reliably describe mechanisms of scour and bed shear stresses in case studies of real bridge failures, which can be used to better inform the design of scour protection.
  • Long term continuous modellng, which has been used to estimate flood risks and reliability curves. These outcomes provide information on the probabilities of the duration of flooding and complement traditional practice related to the risks of the occurrence of flood events.

Model outputs include flood maps and animations that can be used to provide impact assessments, floodplain classifications to State Emergency Services and disaster management. For example, modelling of levee failure provides useful information on the time required to evacuate residents.

pitt&sherry holds the highest prequalifications for hydraulic design: CH for VicRoads and HD3 for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. pitt&sherry’s team members hold certifications to CPE, NER, RPEQ and CPEsc.

Drainage design

pitt&sherry’s team is experienced in the design of drainage in urban, rural and highway environments, including water sensitive urban design and erosion and sediment control. Our drainage teams regularly undertake proof engineering roles in Victoria.

Risk assessment and management plans

pitt&sherry’s risk assessments and management plans are conducted in accordance with the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG). pitt&sherry identifies, analyzes and evaluates the risks (and consequences) and determine actions and mitigation responses.

pitt&sherry holds the prestigious Australian Resilience Award for Risk Management (Tasmanian private sector) and was the joint winner of the Australian Water Association’s Tasmanian Water and Environment Merit Award for stakeholder engagement and risk management for the Georges River Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

Dams and spillways

pitt&sherry’s hydraulic engineers have a long history of conceptual and detailed design of dams and spillways, assessing downstream risks and safety reviews.

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