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Environment & energy

pitt&sherry’s expertise ranges from examination of energy efficiency opportunities for specific production processes to assessment of the benefits of switching energy sources.

We provide a holistic approach to each process assessment, delivering a thorough evaluation of initiatives from a profit and payback perspective, and looking at aspects such as potential new products, waste streams and grade yield from existing processing.

Our environmental services division complements this expertise by identifying and managing a project’s environmental risks and uses this experience to integrate environmental and sustainability initiatives within a project. We undertake strategic planning, environmental impact assessments, and carbon footprint and natural resource management.

Our capability in this area also includes:

Facility design

pitt&sherry works closely with food and beverage clients to assess opportunities for the development of greenfields and existing manufacturing facilities.

We provide business case studies and risk and scenario analysis, generate concept designs, and coordinate the design processes while working hand‐ in‐hand with clients on all facets of project management, from program and cost‐to‐tender management, to contract administration and construction supervision and support.

Our designs incorporate the requirements of the following disciplines in facility development:

  • Roads, pavement and drainage infrastructure
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Hydraulic reticulation design
  • Mechanical services, including critical hygiene HVAC systems
  • Electrical design
  • Fire services.

pitt&sherry prepares drawings, specifications and tender documents, and manages the tender process, including the review of tenders for compliance with the documentation and specifications.

Services design

Whether it is for the upgrade of an existing facility, or for the creation of a new development, pitt&sherry can coordinate, design and provide detailed documentation of all building services, including electrical, mechanical, critical hygiene HVAC, fire and hydraulics.

Our knowledge and understanding of building design criteria and manufacturing processes enables us to manage complex and seemingly conflicting agendas. Collaboration with the client, builder and architect promotes joint development and integration of building services infrastructure with manufacturing processes.

In addition, our clients in the food and beverage industry often require identification of deficiencies and restrictions that may hinder the expansion of their sites. Our team provides site audits of industrial service capacities, including steam, electrical, fire, compressed air, water, gas and drainage.

pitt&sherry can develop consolidated composite site plans of the services, buildings and property titles to identify and rectify inconsistencies, discrepancies and omissions.

Site redevelopment

pitt&sherry provides process, civil infrastructure and a range of spatial services to develop concepts and project definition for the redevelopment and relocation of food and beverage facilities. This can include total site relocation, relocation of specific manufacturing lines or conversion of existing facilities into world class food and beverage manufacturing sites.

Site investigations are conducted to verify and document the current infrastructure constraints for integration of the relocated facility’s process, manufacturing packaging, storage and distribution processes. Feasibility studies and concept designs focus on cost‐effective use of existing site infrastructure, thereby providing the ability to maximise returns on any investment.

The full service approach to facility relocation includes selective demolition of existing building and industrial infrastructure and taking into account hazardous material abatement, through to complete demolition of redundant sites, asset disposal and subdivision development services.

pitt&sherry has the experience to identify and remove significant risks – including building, manufacturing, quality and time – from the project’s concept.

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