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pitt&sherry are playing an ever increasing, defining role in shaping the built environment. Working with private individuals, businesses and large companies, and with local and state government, pitt&sherry specialise in delivering accurate advice and insights and timely development advice our clients need for their projects. Our expertise includes:

  • Tailoring approval strategies based on client drivers, needs and risk. This may be influenced by the development program, budget, community and political apatite for the development and other considerations.
  • Undertaking fatal flaw and due diligence analysis for use in options development and assessment.
  • Determining the approvals pathway and associated environmental studies required.
  • Development Applications for subdivisions, small and large scale residential developments, commercial properties, infrastructure and larger industrial projects
  • Planning scheme amendments / rezoning applications for all kinds of land use.
  • Project Management of technical reports required to complete your application covering issues such as noise, odour, traffic, urban design, ecology, contamination, flood and erosion risks and servicing demands.
  • Working with engineers through the detailed design stages of the projects to ensure compliance with consent conditions whilst optimising environmental, engineering and social outcomes.
  • Developing and implementing Community, Stakeholder and Communications Engagement Plans for small and large-scale development.
  • Peer review of planning and environmental assessments.
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