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Resource Recovery, Waste Management and Sustainability

Australia’s waste management industry is making headlines around Australia and national resource recovery is expected to drastically increase in-light of global industry changes impacting us here in Australia. As such, it is increasingly important for businesses and governments to better manage their waste, by increasing diversion from landfill and resource recovery while improving source separation and education.

Reducing waste to landfill and increasing resource recovery is paramount to improving business sustainability and reducing operational costs. Our team has assisted across a broad range of waste management services and as such can assist with the following:

  • Planning, development and approval of Organics Recovery facilities including preparation of related Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Preparation of Waste Management Plans for demolition, construction and operational phases for complex developments
  • Facilitating APCO reporting requirements and compliance with signatory obligations
  • Development and submission of grant applications under the Waste Less, Recycle More funding initiative
  • Delivery of stakeholder engagement sessions
  • Communication and education plans and strategies
  • Assessment of source separation systems
  • Municipal Waste Strategies
  • Assessment and comparison of waste technologies such as organics recycling technologies
  • Performing waste assessments at large sites or facilities in order to recommend best practice solutions
  • With funding secured, delivery of free Bin Trim assessments for your business in NSW.

Our previous clients span government bodies (federal, state and local), regulators, investors and private sector clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Packaging Sustainability

We have experience developing Packaging Sustainability Strategies for numerous large clients and facilitating implementation of packaging targets within business processes. 

We can assist in: 

  • Identifying opportunities for sustainable packaging 
  • Completion and submission of Annual Reports and Action Plans, in compliance with Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation requirements 
  • Identifying potential closed-loop program and packaging solutions for B2B waste. 


The way in which we manage our waste, energy and water helps in achieving business and environmental sustainability. Our team provide advice across a range of sustainability issues. 



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