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Structural engineering rehabilitation

Sustainable rehabilitation, repair and strengthening solutions to maintain cost-effective remedial solutions that extend the life of commercial, industrial and infrastructure assets.

Structural rehabilitation requires engineers to design remedial solutions which maintain and/or extend the life of Australia’s ageing infrastructure assets. The solutions developed by engineers to extend and strengthen an existing structure consider material usage, environmental and social impacts to deliver cost effective solutions.

The number of rehabilitation and strengthening works we provide grows with the growing demand for asset maintenance as councils, local government and businesses struggle to balance budgetary constraints with the need for ongoing capital investment.

pitt&sherry can provide rehabilitation, remediation and repair advice on a range of commercial, industrial and infrastructure assets including expertise and advice in:

  • Inspection, condition assessment and identification of structural defects
  • Diagnosis of the root cause of structural damage and/or deterioration
  • Evaluation of existing structural capacity
  • Structural design of remedial and strengthening solutions
  • Practical and cost effective rehabilitation solutions
  • Budgetary cost estimates of rehabilitation solutions
  • Preparation of tender documentation and construction drawings
  • Construction phase services including periodic inspections of contractors work for conformance with the design requirements.

pitt&sherry can also provide proven and well-respected asset management systems such as BridgeAsyst® and AssetAsyst®.

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